Apartments for rent in Mykolayiv. Furnished apartment for a day

We offer a quality alternative to hotels of Nikolaev, in which conditions and prices don't always satisfy our customers. We're glad that you noticed the suggestion of our website for accommodation in comfortable apartments in the heart and surrounding areas of Nikolaev. The cost of living in our apartments is low as compared with the hotels and doesn't depend on the number of residents.

Apartments for rent in Nikolaev is the most convenient way to stay for guests of our city. You should just choose the apartment on our website and contact us a convenient way to rent an apartment in Nikolaev.

All the apartments that we offer to rent, are under our control, and it guarantees you calm during your stay in them and perfect purity on arrival. Interiors fully correspond to the basic customer care and lack of old furniture and tableware. Everything is new, modern, stylish and comfortable! Apartments for rent as well as other short-term rental are without intermediaries and without commission! You pay only the price that you see on the site.

We maintain an apartment in order and hope that you'll be pleased with our apartments. Please note that rental prices for apartments are listed per twenty-four hours.

How to rent?
  1. The apartment is rented in the presence of your passport.
  2. The rental payment is made at installation for the entire stay. In the case of release of the apartment before the paid time, money is not returned.
  3. When making a deposit, your chosen apartment is booked for you and is not offered to anyone else on those days. If you cancel the order on your initiative, the deposit is not refundable.
  4. You undertake to rent an apartment in such a form in which it was provided to you. All damage to property that occurred during your stay on your wine is paid for actual damage.
  5. Day is counted from 12 am to 2 pm the next day.
  6. We provide proof of residence (round seal) if desired.
  7. If it is impossible to provide the chosen apartment, we guarantee that you will be able to settle into an apartment of the required level for the same price.